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We would always advise for our in house team to have a consultation with you first – as it may be a case that we can provide your vision. However, if you do wish to utilise an external company – that is no issue at all – we have an approved list of suppliers at the bottom of the page. Only these companies would be permitted due to existing relationships, performance and excellent brand & product quality.

We often recommend if your event is 400 persons or below to have about 4 variations. For every additional 100 – 200 persons we would then recommend possibly another variation. However it would also be determined by your theme, if you are having VIP tables or different shaped tables – as well as the room layout. Get in touch if you need any guidance.

In house we provide quotations on the assumption of 10 people per table. So to calculate the number of tables – divide your total guest list by 10. If however you are having tables with less or more guests – you can adjust the calculation. Likewise if you are having VIP tables – the calculation would be adjusted. e.g. 300 people – 30 tables – but if you have 2 VIP tables of 16 (32).  268 people left – round up so you would then also have 27  tables.

If you are having a wedding reception – we would say picking a variation of centre pieces across different themes may look disconnected. It can work if your event is not a wedding reception and you are looking at Decor Selection A. But with B selection – the finish will flow better with an overriding theme. It is good to research on Pinterest and Instagram if you wish for a Bespoke Theme as the team can then get this quoted. But for themes we already have – feel free to check out the selection below.

If we create a package approach to decor – we have found it is an inefficient model as the same decor is often repeated – with no impetus for keeping up with trends.

Either new decor invested is then charged additional – which means new stuff always comes at an additional cost – or each year package prices are increased to reflect to decor investment.

We feel a fairer approach is to charge based on what a client wishes to have and the budget they have allocated. By cataloguing all our decor in our gallery, new and older pieces are shown together and if you wish for the new pieces – then only you as the customer are charged – not all customers regardless of whether they utilise new pieces or not – which is what would happen with a package approach.

Of course!

If you wish for us to streamline things for you and can provide a guide of the theme you are looking for – as well as the budget you are allocating towards your event decor.

Ideally, it is best for you to create your own coverage from our gallery – but if you are short on time or prefer us to design for you — then we are more than happy to create a bespoke proposal for you. Where we use our experience, style and eye for detail to create a listing for you to review.

Decor Selection A


The Viceroy - Guest Chairs

Phoenix Chiavari are included in the Viceroy room hire - the below are charged additional:

Furniture & Props


Decor Selection B

Wedding Reception

**Items 1 to 11 minimum advised


You require about 4 - 6 centrepiece variations.



Beverley Hills


Botanical Bloom

Fleur De Paradis

Greek Paradise

La Vie A Rose

Lavender Bliss

Le Jardin



Monets Garden

Rosa Amour

Rouge Chaotique

Secret Garden


Table Layout Plans


Permitted External Decor Companies



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